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Social Media Optimization


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not useful only for young people’s interactions. Social Media Marketing can actually get you business leads you need. (67% of companies have acquired a customer from Facebook!)



More than ever businesses interact with customers and attract new customers through Social Media. Also more than ever potential customers spend their time on social media websites than any other sites. At Padika Marketing Solutions, we offer Basic, Advanced and Premium packages for your business exposure at social media sites. We offer attractive design and engaging communication with your customers about your services on social media. We can help you set up your initial social media page, and also help to maintain, update and manage your social media page for you for enhanced customer engagement with your business.

SMO Basic Package

Basic Package

Basic package is specifically useful for first-time Realtors who seek social media exposure but with minimum exposure and cost.

SMO Normal Package

Advanced Package

Advanced package are intended for business owners with more budget who seek engaging and effective social media communication with their prospect customers.

SMO Advanced Package

Premium Package

Premium package is designed for businesses with flexible budget, whose business owners seek unique dimension in marketing.


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