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Are you a realtor or home builder who needs a “For Sale” sign or Sandwich Board that stands out? Or do you need a professional Commercial Sign, Rider, or Car Wrap to better promote your business? Whatever your needs, Padika Marketing Solutions has the solution with our professional, attractive signage services.


Open House H sign (Direction)

Perhaps an H-sign is just what you need to advertise your upcoming Open House. At Padika Marketing Solutions, we offer template and custom designed, two-sided H-signs for your Open Houses. On wood board material, sizes range from 18"w x 24"h to 24"w x 32"h.



Open House A sign (Insert)

Promote your property listings and increase visibility to drive-by traffic with our custom designed A-sign Insert. The design template is printed on single sides of two sheets of Coroplast. These are easily inserted into either side of metal A-frames and may be changed as often as you wish so that they will ready for your next Open House. Our 4 and 6 mm Coroplast A-sign Inserts come in sizes of 24"w x 18"h, 24"w x 24"h, and 30"w x 18"h.



Open House Sandwich Board

Do you need Sandwich Boards for an upcoming Open House? You can now count on Padika Marketing Solutions for template or custom designed two-sided Sandwich Boards for your next Open House. On wood board material, sizes range from 18"w x 24"h to 24"w x 32"h.




At Padika Marketing Solutions, we provide high quality, pre-printed or custom agent-name Riders. Our Riders are two-sided and may be attached to your “For Sale” sign. Available in 4 or 6mm Coroplast, they come in 24" x 6"and 32" x 6" sizes.



Realtors For Sale Sign

Increase sales with Padika’s template or custom “For Sale” signs. Lighter to carry than Sandwich Boards, our “For Sale” signs have 5 Grommets and are easily attachable to signposts. They come in a two-sided format and are made of 8mm Coroplast.


Sign Stands

We provide the accessories that you need for your Open Houses. From stands to feature sheets and virtual tours, Padika is here for you. We want to make your life easier, so when you speak with one of our expert consultants to order signs, let them know what other needs you may have. We help with all of your marketing needs because we are your one-stop solution.

Post Stand


A Sign Stand


H Sign Stand




Car Wrap

Turn your car into a moving billboard to advertise your business. Full-colour digital images and colour graphics will grab pedestrians’ and drivers’ attention to your brand and services anytime, anywhere. Car Wrap advertising is low-cost, yet provides high visibility for your business.


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