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Increasing the page rank of your website and getting on to the first page of search engines like Google is a challenging task. A website with appropriate content, user friendly interface, and attractive design will go to waste if it has no traffic. With the help of Search Engine Marketing or SEM techniques, one can easily get a good page rank. Web visibility and SEM rank matters a lot in the increase of page views. In turn, having higher page views has a positive impact on any business. With the help of a streamlined SEM campaign, one can attain traffic that leads to great business opportunities. Here we have provided some important and effective SEM tips which can help your business reach a top position on the search engines.

  1. With the help of quality, simple, relevant, and effective keywords, tags, meta tags, title tags, and search engine friendly URLs, it becomes much easier to get noticed by search engines.
  2. By using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, you can search the quality keywords. At present, there are many keyword tools available that you can use free of cost. The selected keywords should be present in the content of your website and you should always use the relevant keywords which are considered as “good” by the search engines.
  3. Make sure to optimize the images used in the website along with the text. If your images are optimized, there is a good chance that the pictures will also drag traffic to the website.
  4. Content used in the website should be relevant, interesting, and original. Keep in mind that back links matter a lot, so the content of your website should be attractive enough to promote connection to influential back links. Link building is essential, as is the active participation in commenting, on discussion boards, and in forums. Article submissions can also help you generate traffic and if the content is up to par and creative, it will lead to great success of your website.
  5. Always update your social networking. Talk, comment, update, and respond on social networking sites. Engage the target audience. They are the people who are your potential clients. Social media has become a massive business medium that can bring success not only to your website, but to your company. Participate in the buzz going on the social networking sites and in the discussions on these sites. Also, provide necessary information about your brand or product so that the message reaches your audience – your customer.
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At present, Twitter has managed to grab a position in the list of top notch social networking sites with more than 250 million registered users. With its fresh and interesting user interface, layout and features, Twitter is attracting more and more users every day. The popularity of Twitter among web users has made it a great platform for web marketing which can take any business to new horizons.

One of the great places to promote brands and products, Twitter is very effective and quick. More and more companies are coming up with attractive, novel and innovative ideas to generate traffic from Twitter to their websites. You can see how Twitter works perfectly in their favor.

Twitter is no doubt an effective medium for marketers – but only if used wisely, without making any mistake. Here we will discuss how to avoid common mistakes in using Twitter as a medium to promote brands, products, and services.

Avoid self- promotion of products:

Twitter is a hub of people of different mindsets from across the globe. It is a micro-blogging site which is a great source of information. And, if care is taken in promotion, business can soar to great heights.

Never let your tweet go unnoticed:

Avoid over-praising your product, and use facts to inform your audience of potential customers about your product or service. Show them what makes your product unique without over glorifying it. After all, believability, honesty, and integrity go a long way.

Always respond to the tweets:

Never ignore what your followers say about you, your company, or your products through tweets. Welcome the feedback and engage them in conversation by replying. This way you are able to build relationships with potential customers and clients.

Never post too many links:

Posting too many links can make you look like a bot. Make sure a human touch is there in your tweets. Never tweet the same thing again and again – that can irritate your followers. Post useful links, keep them positive, and make the best out of 140 characters, which is the tweet max.

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There is good news for twitter users who own Apple iPhone because TwitPic has announced its picture sharing services for the Apple iPhone users for Twitter, for the very first time. The application was released on Monday and the good news is that it is all free of cost. With competitors like Instagram, which is lately acquired by Facebook for an amount of $1 billion and its users are growing in number each day by millions, TwitPic claims to be the simplest photo sharing service which has many features and easy to edit options available. According to the sources, Twitpic is expecting that free and easy-to-use editing features will be allure the Apple iPhone users and will give an insight to the picture sharing through mobile phone. The company blog said in a post that this new application will allow the users to share, see, comment and edit pictures as well as videos very easily on mobile phones.

The free application for Apple iPhone will help the users to crop, filter and edit pictures by using filter tools. The users can also check out the most popular images shared on Twitter each day. Noah Everett, the founded Twitpic in 2008, as he founded some difficulties in uploading images on twitter. In an interview on the VentureBeat blog, Everett told that TwitPic made good profits for some time and it generated money through advertising. According to Everett the free mobile application for Apple’s iPhone will up surge the growth of the Tweeps using iPhone.

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The latest addition to the web marketing is the usage of videos to promote the product or company. Videos are getting popular because it sends the message effectively to the web users like never before. Be it a small firm of a big company, everyone is taking advantage of video marketing. If you don’t have a video on your website, you are certainly missing the potential clients which you can turn into your clients and get you good business.

Have a look at the below mentioned advantages of the video marketing:

Videos provide a wonderful opening for the potential clients:

  1. Potential clients are the web users who can get attracted to your business and can turn to the clients. With the help of videos, potential clients can get attracted to your business and they can turn into the clients. Potential clients can see and listen about the product well through videos. It is actually like you are meeting your clients or potential clients. A video description saves the time of the internet users and it is like actually like checking out the product the same way you do it in a store It hardly take two to three minutes for a video to explain about the products and services and it saves the time. With the help of a video you can communicate well with the clients as well as the potential clients.
  2. The appeal of videos is wider and it attracts vast audience We all know that videos are effective as well as appealing as compared to text. Most of the internet users will not spend time in reading all the details mentioned in the website but they will surely feel easy to watch the video which has all the information. Videos attract the web users and they find videos much easier and informative. Also, a video engages the viewers for a longer duration because it is intriguing. It is easy to check out the video on a phone rather than check the text on phone. This it is an effective trick to market the product.
  3. Videos help in improving the search engine rankings of the website: Yes it is true to say that a video is capable of improving the search engine ranking of your website. It has become an important part of internet marketing and search engine’s landing page. Make a proper video of your product and add appropriate keywords to it. A proper video is very effective and if done with proper keywords, it can be a lucrative deal.
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