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Your Vote Counts

/ Wednesday, 09 January 2013 / Published in Articles

Why is social media optimization so important? How connected we are seems to be at the forefront of life this millennium. Is it the hype of new trends that make it seem more important than it is to be so connected, or is there more to it than that? Anybody can go crazy with trying to stay up with it all, so questioning the sanity of it has to be about the only sane thing to do.

There is hardly a person left on the planet than can imagine life without the internet, but there seems to be a love/hate relationship with much of the rest of it as social networking sites take over our lives, infringing on our time, our privacy, and our sanity. Facebook and Twitter, U-tube and blogging sites are all nothing short of addictions, so what is the rationale?

Well, the internet has grown so immense that literally thousands of websites come up on any given subject, yet most people only ever click on sites from the first page, and often only the first three or so on the list. Search engine optimization helps to bring websites to the forefront. It is a career that keeps experts clawing to get to the top and scrambling to stay on top. Let’s just say that there are tricks that are not entirely legitimate or fair to get sites popping up number one. But with search media optimization, it is possible to get promoted – honorably.

This way, with social media optimization, users are able to make recommendations. An ordinary person’s vote counts and helps to rank the web pages. Each time you click “like” on a commercial site, it counts towards that webpage’s quality so that search engines can rank websites and they can come up properly listed when searched on the resulting pages. It is difficult for search engine optimization experts to influence these kind of results, so when you see how many “likes” a product or a company has, it takes on greater significance, making social media optimization an important factor in ratings.

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