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Four Golden Nuggets of Marketing

/ Tuesday, 08 January 2013 / Published in Articles

Four Golden Nuggets of Marketing

Everybody would like to strike it rich and find the gold at the end of the rainbow, but you don’t need to look so far. The four golden nuggets of marketing are right here for you to use.

1). A Catchy Slogan

The best slogans are the ones we never forget. “Where’s the beef?” is still repeated every now and then, even years after the famous Wendy’s commercials. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” has come to represent more than just Sin City, and can be heard in shows and movies and among regular people the world over. Or how about KFC’s “Finger lickin’ good?” Everybody knows that slogan began with the fried chicken, but it’s become a household phrase for anything good, advertising for the chain no matter what we are eating or where we are.

But you don’t have to be a big chain or a big city to gain big recognition. A great slogan is a great slogan, and these days, there are plenty of ways to get your slogan circulating so that it becomes the next catchphrase on everybody’s lips.

My children and I used to pass a billboard advertising an attorney who specialized in personal injury. It was just a picture of a guy, his name, and a phone number. Pretty simple. But we could not drive by without my kids singing the guy’s jingle they’d heard umpteen times on television. They could have been the commercial. They knew the one to call, and they knew the phone number. In fact, the jingle was so catchy, they often sang it just because.

So maybe you don’t want to spend the cash to invest in television advertising, but radio can get your slogan or jingle out there too. Any way you can be heard is valid. You could even put up a u-tube video or add a video to your website. And, if you are not sure how to make videos or effectively post them on a website, there are great companies like Padika Marketing Solutions, in Toronto, that can post your videos, make them for you, and even come up with the perfect catchy slogan.

With the right words, your fortune may come to you. And, with a catchy slogan, children a generation from now may just still be singing your slogan to their parents while you are long retired to wherever your paradise is.

2). Image or Brand

One of the biggest problems new companies have is defining their image. They are not always sure of who they are or what they stand for. They don’t necessarily care, as long as they make money, but they should care. Knowing who you are as a company and defining an image that exemplifies that is exactly what will draw success.

True, you can’t please everybody. But it is better to offend some while pleasing others than to be wishy-washing or mediocre and not be anything in particular to anybody. Defining your image will create a niche and give your company the cutting edge on the market. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Dare to be different. Go ahead and be completely outrageous. Marketing is about attracting attention and making people remember you. So what if you attract the wrong kind of attention? If that were to really happen, at least you’ve got the attention of your market, so now you can change it up and re-work the message you are putting out to draw better attention. Any attention is better than no attention. And besides, anybody attracting attention is always under scrutiny, precisely because you cannot please everybody, and not everybody will be pleased that you are getting the attention they want – and the customers.

3). The Human Element

We often forget that we are selling to people – real people just like us with problems, dreams, families, aches, pains, ideas, fears, and hope. When we take the focus off just making money and the nitty-gritty of running a business, and focus instead on the people we hope to serve, those people become more responsive. Real people need real help and as a business, that is what you are offering. So instead of focusing on everything that you have to offer and what it does or how much it costs, focus on what people want and how you will help them.

Tell your company story about how and why you do what you do.

Engage the emotions, and you will gently tug your customers in.

Find a core value in your business. This will help define who you are and it will create common ground with people who share similar values. Identifying something in common creates bonds and customer loyalty before they even walk in the door.

4). Promotional Items

So you have the right words. You have a great slogan that will bring you the business you want.

You have defined an image.

You have found a human element within your business and in how you do business.

Now you must provide the tangible. You need real items that people can see and touch and keep to concretize all these ideas, images, and phrases. What will you choose to represent your company other than a business card? If you go to a wedding, it is well to say that love is in the air, but somebody figured out along the way that people like to have something to take home to remember the day by, other than a picture and memories, and your customers are no different.

Where is that pen from? …Oh yeah, that woman from the open house gave it to you. Wasn’t she a real estate agent? That house was really nice…

The array of promotional items is never ending. From t-shirts to balloons, coffee mugs to posters, magnets to bumper stickers, pens to paper, if it’s something people can use, chances are, they will. You’ve just wedged a way into their life, and they may just come back into yours with money to spend.

The bottom line is that our businesses are growing, evolving entities. It takes creativity to constantly market a business, to keep things fresh, yet retain a constant identity. It is work, but if you make it fun and explore the possibilities, your customers will reward you with appreciation – and business. The four golden nuggets of advertising are your rainbow of wealth, especially when work becomes play. 

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