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Happy New Technology

/ Wednesday, 02 January 2013 / Published in Tech

A new year is just that – it is a new year that begins with a clean slate, presents new opportunities, delivers refreshed hope, and renews zeal for the up-and-coming. Just what is up-and-coming for 2013? The future is upon us and bringing exciting new technology with the turn of each calendar month.

1). In 2012, Microsoft came out with the Surface RT, a tablet that transitions to a notebook. The difference in 2013, is that the Surface RT will now be offered with Windows 8. This version of the tablet will be called the Surface Pro and will be available in January. The original Surface RT is available for $499, but the Surface Pro will be $899. The jump in price is because the Surface Pro makes the jump from a device that is more tablet to a device that is more laptop.

2). Research in Motion (RIM) is coming out with a new BlackBerry phone that is believed will be called the Blackberry X10. It was supposed to come out in 2012, and being that the launch never happened, the missed date is considered to be a flop of the year. However, many news leaks from December 31st, 2012 have shown pictures of the new phone, and it is believed that it will available to the public soon, with an official launch… next month?

3). What about bendy phones? Now that’s a new one. Apparently Samsung’s OLED display can be wrapped around your wrist anytime in 2013. The expected name is Galaxy Skin, and just because these phones will be thin, don’t expect they’ll have anything less than any other phone. They still have cameras, high resolution screens, and powerful processors.

4). If 2013 brings bendy phones, then foldable cars should not surprise you either. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is scheduled to release the Hiroko, a fold-up car. The car is small to begin with, but folded, three such vehicles can fit into just one parking space. Drive this baby with robot wheels that turn on a dime, steering from the widescreen LCD panel instead of a traditional steering wheel. Step out the front windshield, because it’s the door too, and step directly onto the sidewalk. Perfect for crowded European streets.

5). As if you didn’t have enough choices in cell phones in 2012, now in 2013, you will have the option of an Amazon phone. That’s right – Amazon, the company that makes your Kindle E-reader, is about to introduce a phone. Expect it to integrate Amazon’s Appstore, MP3, and Cloud Player. It may even still let you read, and should be out by summer, 2013, so you may only need one device for your days at the beach instead of a phone and a Kindle, like in the olden days.

6). Rumor has it that Sony is due to release its next console, which would be the PlayStation 4…

7). There are rumors of an iPad 5…

8). Google Glass has been prototyped, has been walked down the runways, and now, in 2013, will be on the market for all. Pop on your glasses, check email, stay up to date with your social media networks, get directions – in short, wear your computer right before your eyes.

9). Last, but not least, in 2013, will be the release of the much anticipated Xbox 720, otherwise referred to as the Xbox Loop. The exact name is still unknown, as is the release date, but it is already being marketed as the best new item to add to your 2013 Christmas list, as if anybody is ready to think about Christmas again on January 2.

10). There has to be a number ten, so how about pen and paper? So old-fashioned, pen and paper may become new again. Imagine – you don’t have to worry about battery life or memory loss or viruses. Now that is refreshing. And the last time I checked, both items are still available at the dollar store.

Whatever your new year brings, may it be a happy new year, with just the right mix of old-fashioned charm and new world technology to create your best life yet.

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