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What’s New in 2013?

/ Wednesday, 19 December 2012 / Published in News

New electronic gadgets seem never ending, yet it seems there is so much hype about the newest electronics, such as Google Glass or the iPod Touch, 5th Generation, that they are old news. The new iPods grace Christmas wish-lists, and models flaunt Google Glass as they glide down runways, and the talk is everywhere. If you haven’t heard all about the new must-haves, just take a look at the recent blogs right here at Padika Solutions.

So what is new? Or rather, what is going to be new in 2013? The question itself seems an invitation for a prediction of the future. And there is no shortage of predictions or prophesies. At the moment, End-of-the-World websites are counting down our last hours on Earth – the last hours of the earth.

If these were our last hours though, there wouldn’t be future predictions. The most scientific of the predictions though, is hardly new either. Scientists have believed for years that a solar flare will erupt in 2013, causing mass destruction on Earth. And not only that – it has happened before.

Solar flares have probably been happening since the beginning of Earth’s time, however, we only know of them being recorded since the beginning of the nineteenth century. In 1859, the most powerful solar flare ever recorded caused a geomagnetic storm of great proportions. As a result, telegraph systems failed and the sky lit up at night as if it were day. If a solar flare of that scale happened today – or in 2013, as predicted, it could potentially wipe out the internet and all communications systems and electricity, leaving the world in darkness – or in the blood red light of the flare.

Scientists expect the solar flare of 2013 to mirror the power of the flare of 1859. In fact, Liam Fox, England’s former Defense Secretary, called an emergency conference in London in January, 2011 to discuss the impending disaster. Also, former U.S. Defense Advisor, Dr. Avi Schnurr, warned: “A geomagnetic storm could shatter nations all over the earth. We cannot wait for disaster to spur us to action.” But what governments are planning to do to stop it remains a mystery – as if any government can stop the universe, which is maybe why it is not widely talked about, even though the prediction of an imminent solar flare is scientifically sound – and right around the corner.

Solar flares cause geomagnetic storms, which then create solar wind pressure that compresses, and then increases Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetism of the moon affects the oceans’ tides, regularly raising and lowering them many meters. Even our own bodies are mostly water. So if the magnetic field of the earth is to be so severely altered, what will happen to our planet? And what will happen to us?

A smaller flare occurred in Quebec in 1989, causing the failure of power stations for over nine hours, leaving more than 6 million people without power. Solar flares happen about once every 100 years, but the one due in 2013 is believed to be the worst one yet.

A disturbed magnetic field will have devastating effects to life as we know it on this planet, as so much of modern life and technology depends on magnetic fields. Radiation storms will cause massive power surges, which will then cause systems failures. The radiation will also manifest as radiation poisoning in living beings, including humans, causing multitude health problems including cancer and even death. Large doses are immediately fatal.

On the bright side, those who survive power outages and fatalities could find the heavens raining down precious jewels, as scientists also believe that dust storms from faraway planets could be full of rubies and sapphires. So maybe what will be new will be similar to the Gold Rush. Forget Google Glass. We may just get earthy and have a whole new gem industry, full of iJewels.

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