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The Apples to Oranges of Websites

/ Tuesday, 27 November 2012 / Published in Articles

Now, with two services for two businesses that I want to advertise for, I thought I would at least begin with checking out some business cards and create the branding. In doing this, I saw that the same websites that do business cards also offer websites. Maybe I could do it myself. It sure didn’t cost a lot. But in wondering about what I would be getting – or getting myself into, I grew suspicious.

I also began doing a little research to see what the competition is doing. One website was not bad, so I clicked on the site developer’s name. It took me to another website design company that was offering services for cheap. They even offer content writing, which is part of what I do. But for what they were charging, how on earth could they be offering the same services that we offer at Padika Solutions? Quite simply, I knew there was no way they could be. It’s like apples to oranges – or maybe lemons.

Just be careful and don’t make the mistakes I have with websites where that great deal ends up costing more than you ever bargained for in both time and money. Do it right the first time and choose one place that can do it all and that will be there for you so that you can get what you want without the hassle. Because when service is personalized and there are real people behind it who work with you in person to understand your goals and to develop your vision, you know it is not something you are getting by clicking away your credit card numbers online, only to enter cyber space where monthly charges keep seeping from your bank account. Good luck on your own, because the promised help is never there – and even if it is, what help is it when they don’t know you or what you or your business is about or what you want to develop? And it is just not the same when some call center person is not there to actually show you on your computer.

There is no comparison. Just decide what you want and know what you are getting. Is it an apple, an orange – or a lemon?

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