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Bring Your Vision to Life

/ Thursday, 22 November 2012 / Published in Articles

You’ve got down the bones of the business. Now what? Go back and color it in – literally. Build your brand with cool fonts, add pictures, design a logo. Get creative and have fun! This is where the character of your business really comes alive. And by now, it is ready to spring to life because you have defined its character along the way.

Do research. See what the competition is doing. See what you are up against and how they do their websites. See what you like and what you don’t like – and put ideas together for your own website. Maybe you have an image in your mind that you just need to find, or maybe browsing the web will inspire just the right image if you didn’t have one already.

What colors appeal to you? What shapes? What is your style and what is the style that best suits your business? You will know when it feels right. And even if you find various elements that you would like to include on your website, but just aren’t sure how they should all fit together, that is okay. Put them on the back burner to simmer. You will be able to find help to finalize your ideas and to produce a dynamite site.

Think about how you want the site to function. What moves? What flows? What pops out – or up? Where can you click? What should be on each page? Are there links? Can people leave comments? You do not have to have the answer to every question, because there are professionals to take care of the details, but the clearer the vision that you bring to the table, the better others will be able to assist you with your vision and getting up on your website.   

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