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Why is it Impossible to Ignore Giants Like Facebook and Twitter in Social Media Marketing?

/ Friday, 13 July 2012 / Published in Articles

The most powerful media marketing takes place through social networks. Today, the two mega giants are Facebook and Twitter. Daily, they attract millions of potential clients, demanding utilization in your company’s marketing scheme.

With heavy traffic on both Facebook and Twitter, the ability to market brands, products, and services has never been easier. And because these sites have free registration, more and more people are joining, which for you, means a continually growing potential client base.
Facility to approach these potential clients is enabled by having your company profile on these networks as well. Then, when you are ready to launch a new product or revive enthusiasm for an existing one, begin a new service or refresh an original service, you may post the news on Facebook or Tweet about it on Twitter, instantly reaching thousands via social media marketing.

Facebook and Twitter users, both individuals and companies, are able to gain access to these networks on their Smart phones and iPhones. So whether people are at work or at home, in traffic, at a park, or in a mall, they will see updates – including your new product launch that you just tweeted about or posted on Facebook. Social media puts any information you want potential clients to see at their fingertips at any given moment.

Social media “liking” and “sharing” promotes products and/or services to unlimited numbers of people worldwide and familiarizes the public with your company.

Facebook users, potential clients as well as companies, are also able to upload pictures to the newsfeed or to their profiles. Pictures, as well as written content, messages, and/or advertising – anything posted – may be “liked.” By clicking on a “like” tab, potential customers draw further attention to your product or message, thereby advertising for you and creating even more potential customers.

Information on Facebook may also be “shared.” So when one potential client is interested in your product or believes it may be of interest to a friend, they click on “share” to send it to that person, thereby growing your potential client base.

Similarly, Twitter helps the user to promote its campaign or brand by “tweeting” on its profile. Valuable information for further marketing and development is gathered as these Tweets are followed and recorded, while instantaneously reaching unlimited Twitter users who can then continue to Tweet the word about the product or service you just tweeted about…

The web created through this expansive trickledown is what truly makes social media marketing a world wide web – of potential customers and potential money in your pocket.

Ask us how to take advantage of these two mega giants to create your unlimited potential.  

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