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Google Drive: Are You Keeping Everything and Sharing Nothing?

/ Friday, 13 July 2012 / Published in Articles

If your answer is “yes,” the time has come to get yourself Google Drive which enables access everywhere.

What is Google Drive?

Most of us are not alien to Dropbox cloud storage. Even those who have not used it at least have some idea how one can sync files from their home computer to an office computer, and across PCs as well as Macs.

Some weeks back, Google came up with Google Drive which is similar to Dropbox, but according to reviews, better in many ways.

What can you do with Google Drive?

With Google Drive, files and data can be stored in a safer place. If you drop your phone or spill your morning coffee on your PC, data can be lost, but with Google Drive, there is nothing to damage. If your data is stored in Google Drive, you are safe – and so is your data.

How is Google Drive beyond storage?

Google Drive is not just a storage device for saving and storing data, it offers you the facility to edit, share, update, and merge files together from any other device. This allows for you to work with your teammates even when you are miles away. It also provides immediate access to Google Docs.

How much does Google Drive cost?

Google Drive comes for free with a space of 5 GB that can be started with this free space. For just $2.50 USD per month you are able to up-grade to 25 GB.

Overall, Google Drive is an impressive tool which is a great help in terms of hassle free data storage

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